We, seek to join in spreading the good news of Jesus Christ, inviting all to experience his unconditional love and grow in a deeper relationship with Him. Based upon a foundation of four pillars - prayer, evangelization, teaching, and healing - our work seeks to reflect the authentic biblical teachings, and to appeal to all ages and groups.

Objectives of 
•To enhance the CHRISTIAN community in the Harlan County area
•To unite Harlan County Christians in their Christian faith
•To encourage listeners to develop a deeper prayer life, and foster spiritual development through biblical teachings.
•To develop a greater awareness and understanding of biblical teachings
•To inspire our youth to follow Christ and become active participants in their local churches.
•To reach out to those who are suffering and hopeless with the light of Christ
•To seek out those in our local community who are gifted in ministry and provide them an avenue to share their gifts through radio
•To develop greater awareness of social injustice and encourage responsible action to stand with and for the oppressed, exploited, and powerless
•To encourage greater openness to and understanding of the gifts of the Holy Spirit
•To address the need for growth and wholeness in the Christian life, especially with regards to emotional, spiritual, psychological and physical healing
•To share the Good News with those who do not profess the Christian faith
•To encourage all to answer the call of Christ and humbly surrender to the will of the Father
•To broadcast local sermons and proclamations through
•To serve the needs of our local churches.

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